We are not always in the same ways with our friends. Our love, attitude, behaviour , opinions for\towards\about a certain friend is a bit different with respect to an another friend. The manner in which we act differs for different friends. This decision may be conscious or subconscious. But whatsoever, this happens. This may happen because we are more comfortable with one friend with respect to the other. Or maybe because we like one friend more than the other. But how is it in case of people like me who reckon that they love all of their friends equally? I love all my friends equally or is it that I just think I do?
The different ways in which we behave with our friends are just the different versions of ourselves which combine to form one complete individual. These versions are just little parts of the innumerous personalities we possess in ourselves. We let out different personalities (the basics are almost the same but with just a little variance) in front of different people and stick to the one which is liked by the opposite person. This is mainly due to people longing for acceptance. We the human beings yearn for love and acceptance. This is why consciously or subconsciously,  we let out suitable ways  for different people.

Some may wonder about how differently they act with different people, but my friend do not fret. This is just a little part of us, a little part of our complex yet very simple mind. Things are complicated, but one can see clearly only with simple logistics.

As Mike Krzyzewski said, “Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity.”


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