What would have been it like to survive in a world devoid of fans? Although coolers and air conditioners are seen replacing these fans, yet fans are considered to be epitome of luxury among a group of people. Have we ever spared five seconds from our busy schedule to thank these machines for keeping us cool? The answer would probably be in the negative. Sitting under the fan for five minutes after spending a tiring day in the scorching heat feels like heaven to us. These fans work efficiently for a certain period of time and then there appears the need to replace them. The dysfunctional fans are either given to the Bhangarwala (translation: junk dealer) or dumped into some corner of our store room and are thus forgotten. If it’s thought about deeply, it would appear unfair (at least to me) that the very machine which provided us with great service for years is forgotten and left unthanked. But hey, who thanks machines? Machines do not possess life. So, I guess they won’t mind.  But what about the machines that possess life?

Yes, I am talking about us- the human beings, the living machines.

In this busy world of twenty first century, we the human beings have transformed into mechanical beings. No one has any time to spare. Recently, I came across an article about helpline services which provides memorial services if approached. They help performing functions like cremation and the likes. They even have the service of sending people to cry and mourn on the particular occasion. Such modernized our world has become that people are hiring actors to cry for their relatives’ death. People have become superficial.

We lead such busy lives that at times we forget to acknowledge the good and thoughtful actions or gestures performed by others. People who were once our BFFs have become people whose faces have faded from our minds and hearts. We forget that they were once the reason for our wide smiles and hearty laughter.  We forget to thank them for the beautiful memories we made at their expense. This is because those memories have faded away and are now a thing of the past. The memories are only present as cranky, old photographs tucked in a photo album lost in some corner of our drawer.

It is high time that we bring back the beautiful memories.  It is high time that we think about the wonderful people we had met in our journey.  It is high time that we notice the lovely people around us.
So go and take out those old pictures and smile and reminisce and get nostalgic. Don’t they deserve to be thanked for that beautiful smile that you smiled? Don’t we deserve to be thanked for all the care that we showed? Don’t you deserve to be thanked for all the efforts that you put up?

Call your friends, leave them a message and let them know that you care. Let them know that they are special and aren’t forgotten. This will make them feel how much they love you. They deserve appreciation, we deserve appreciation.

And no, it’s never too late…


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