Be wrong if you must, but don’t you quit…

“Are we in love?” they asked each other. Acquainted and enlightened but strangers they were. She was a sadist and he a self obsessed man. Over a glass of wine they talked. “You don’t treat me right”, he said. “You think way too much”, she replied. After a tiring day at work, none had the audacity to argue. The next evening, she complained about he not being of equal ranks with her. He had known from the beginning that this was going to come. They were both soaked in ego. She attacked him with words and assaulted with biting remarks. He called her names and made vulnerable statements. A week long silence followed after that. Both missed their conversations which followed over a glass of wine.
“He is ill”, thought she. “She is ill”, thought he. And what followed was lifelong togetherness shrouded with anger, ego, apathy and love…


NoteThis is the first piece I have ever written.. This little story is about a couple in love who did not seem to know/understand each other very well. But the love they shared was immense. They fought and argued. Both of them felt bad after the fights but none of them apologized. They were two egoistic people. So naturally none of them would confess about their own faults. But they missed each other and wanted to be together. So what did they do? They put all the blame on each other. But this they did only to satisfy their ego. All the blame game they did in their minds and never talked about it. None of them knew what went on in the other person’s mind so it made it easy for them to come back together again. Its the love they shared which made them want to be with the other person whatsoever the situation had been. Both of them were inconsiderate and selfish. Selfish in the sense that they had become selfish in love. Love had even made them blame the very person they loved. But love is the thing which made them carry on. Love is the thing that led to them being together all their life. So they were wrong in blaming each other, but they never quit.
Be wrong if you must, but don’t you quit. 


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